For the past 50 years, American Financial Management has been one of the world’s leading international debt collection firms. Our Attorney Intervention Collection Program and client service differentiate us from other collection vendors. Specifically, an in-house AFM Attorney from an on-site law office will directly work on your file and collect from your debtors, in a pre-litigation capacity, on a contingency fee basis, from the very first day that we receive a new account for collection. There are no hourly rates of flat fees. Rather, we only earn a fee when we collect the monies owed to you. Further, our lawyers do not litigate. Instead, they solely focus on collection and account resolution. The immediate attorney involvement alone subconsciously creates a sense of urgency, so our persistent and respectful collection pursuits elicit a quicker response and payment. In addition, we strive to provide a customer thrill experience. We want our clients to truly feel that AFM is a key advisor, an extension of their processes, that performs stellar, value-added services with integrity and in a credible and authentic manner.

In addition, at no cost and with your prior authorization, we will report your debtors’ and guarantors’ unpaid account balances to the credit bureaus. Around 60 – 90 days after you assign a file to our office and after we made all possible collection attempts, if we have not secured payment in full, a partial payment or a settlement offer, and debtor communications are not progressing in your best interests, we will either close our file or provide you with the option to forward the file to local counsel for possible legal action. After we receive your approval, we will forward the account to a local attorney that is a member of the Commercial Law League of America and is licensed, bonded and insured in accordance with the requirements of the association.

We also offer an optional fee free 30-Day Free Demand Letter Service, which entails up to 3 letters sent on AFM Letterhead and directs all communications and payment to your office. The language within the aforementioned demand letters gets stronger as the thirty days progress. If payment is made to you during this 30-Day period, then there is no cost to you regarding the collected dollars. However, if you do not receive payment in this time period, the account would then roll into our Attorney Intervention Program mentioned above.

To get started, please complete our Online Placement Form at: When completing this form, on Step 1, pleas reference Barb Mills or DKI within the ‘AFM Sales Executive’ field to ensure you receive DKI’s discounted pricing and rates.