Herc Rentals™ is a premier, industry-leading full-service equipment rental firm that provides customers the equipment, services and solutions they need to achieve optimal performance, safely, efficiently and effectively.

With more than 52 years of equipment rental expertise, roughly 4,900 employees and approximately 275 branches primarily in the United States and Canada, Herc Rentals serves a wide range of customer markets. In addition to serving disaster recovery and remediation firms, Herc Rentals’ customers include large and small companies in construction; industrial customers such as large manufacturing plants; refineries and petrochemical operations; and others such as governmental entities and government contractors, infrastructure, railroads, utility operators, entertainment production companies, agricultural producers, special event management, and facility management firms.

As a pioneering leader in the equipment rental industry, Herc Rentals continues to evolve and grow through technological innovation, expanded product offerings and value-added services and consultative solutions to support its customers’ projects.

Our vision to be the supplier, employer and investment of choice in our industry frames everything we do:

– We strive to have the best and most comprehensive selection of premium rental equipment available and ready when our customers need it, ensuring it performs as promised while always providing unsurpassed customer service excellence.
– We always seek to create a supportive, inclusive and collaborative work environment that offers exceptional career opportunities, along with training and tools to enable our employees’ success.
– And, with our Herc Holdings Inc. parent entity trading on the New York Stock Exchange as “HRI,” we are focused on performing as a top-tier business – operationally and financially – and continuously earning investors’ confidence in our team.

  • Product & Services – Herc Rentals is a full-line equipment rental supplier in key markets, offering equipment solutions for a wide-range of business, industry and more. The equipment rental capabilities of the business are supported by ProSolutions™ — Herc Rentals’ industry-specific solutions-based service that provides technical expertise and full-service on-site support to meet customers’ toughest challenges in climate, remediation, restoration and more. Herc Rentals also offers ProContractor Gear –professional-grade tools, commercial vehicles, and pump, power and climate control offerings, all aimed at helping its customers work more efficiently, effectively and safely.
  • How do I become a Customer? – A national account (account number 6569) has been opened for DKI at Herc Rentals. All DKI members have had an account opened with an introductory credit line. For additional information, or to access an increased credit limit, please contact us!
  • – YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqTU67XvUy1ENGXG6_3MVDg