IBIX technology was designed for historic preservation/restoration and now can support fire, water, and mold remediation with our lightweight portable systems.
IBIX North America LLC provides the most portable surface preparation systems that come in a variety of sizes, along with compressors and media to suit various jobs. The advantage of being able to run multiple abrasives dry and/or wet increases the output performance on various surfaces from wood, to plastic, to aluminum and steel structures, even in hard-to-reach areas from a man-lift. Our units have the capability to adjust abrasive flow rates to a non-destructive (MICRO Abrasion) setting to accommodate large and small historic structures and very delicate surfaces, even glass or marble. Multiple gun attachments and various nozzle sizes allow for more versatility in the field on almost any surface, such as wood, steel, stone, plastic, and glass, especially with our patented rotational Helix technology.

To further complement our surface preparation systems, we have now added supporting materials for surface repairs on stone and concrete, as well the proper sealers and organic vegetable-based preservation materials for long-term maintenance programs. We invite you to visit the fire & water remediation page of our website at https://ibixusa.com/industries/fire-water-restoration-companies/.

IBIX prides itself on supporting our dealers, distributors, and customers by offering a variety of training opportunities in-house at our Largo location, on-site at customer locations, and through a growing library of literature and videos.

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