About Us

The Way Marketing Should Be

Outside Communications provides comprehensive marketing and advertising services and solutions to our customers.

Working with us means:

  • Senior-level expertise: The right people working on your business
  • No long term contracts: If we’re doing our job, we have nothing to worry about!
  • Asset ownership: Our customers own their analytics and ad accounts
  • Full transparency on billings: You’ll know what you’re being billed for
  • Loyalty: We will never work with your competition
  • A fiduciary approach: Your best interests first, always

Who is Outside Communications?
Outside Communications is a boutique agency made up of a team of senior marketing professionals who enjoy working together and love building companies.

Many of us have been working together for over 10 years—and in many cases, we’ve been working for some of the same companies since our founding in 2014.

Core Services: 
Analytics, SEO, Advertising (Google Ads, radio, television and emerging digital), Content Creation, Social, PR, Email Marketing, and Brand Development

Industries Served: 
Consumer Services, Business Services, Manufacturing, Transportation, Technology, Industrial Services and Consulting

Founder’s Story: Lance Fisher, Managing Partner

I’ve been into building businesses since I was a kid. I would develop brands in a spiral-bound notebook, creating brand names, tag lines, logos, and apparel. In the 80’s Fila, Polo, and OP were so cool to me, and I was interested in how those brands made me feel.

In 1996, while working for a tech company in San Jose, I created my first email campaign. It took several days—with the coordination of an entire IT department—to send 4,000 emails. Without spam filters and today’s digital apprehension, these campaigns went well, to say the least! However, leadership didn’t see it the same way, and I was fired a few months later with the reasoning: ‘that’s not how we do things here’. (It’s a funny story, but you’d be amazed at how many businesses still think this way!)

In 1999, I got into this thing called SEO. I loved the opportunities it provided to businesses that were otherwise unknown. As I became highly involved in the sport fishing world, I applied what I was learning about SEO and other aspects of digital marketing to the outdoor space. I worked with Shimano, Yeti, Gerber, and a large number of other outdoor brands.

For many years, my business was a small consultancy, and it was a lot of fun. In 2014, I started Outside Communications with the simple goal of treating other business owners as I want to be treated. The umbrella company is Operation Golden Rule LLC—that name is the heart that continues to guide us.

Today, we are a boutique agency of experts in what they do. We have very few junior-level marketing people on our team, and that’s how I prefer it. We’re continuing to grow, but not at the expense of expertise or cultural fit. These two things are important to everybody at Outside Communications—and to our customers.

I love working with businesses that want to grow, and do things well. Businesses that are thoughtful and offer outstanding customer service. These are the businesses we can help. Great marketing will never fix a poorly-run business, but it can help fuel the growth of one that’s well-run.

Today, I’m still obsessed with the internet, brands, and how companies can grow through marketing. I’m a lifelong learner and continue to absorb everything I can about marketing technology and processes that will ultimately make our company more knowledgeable and efficient for our customers.

If you have any questions about my experience or how you can work with Outside Communications, feel free to contact me.”

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