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DKI Non-Member Pro Supply Monthly Pricing

Price: $140.00
(limited to one mode of access)
Price: $195.00
(includes all three modes of access: desktop, online, mobile)
Include Contents Track (price based on variable usage and charged in arrears at the rate of $35 per job)
*Does not include sales tax, if applicable

What is the DKI ProSupply Xactimate Program?

DKI offers an Xactimate Bulk License Program (the “Xactimate Program”) through Verisk as a benefit to its ProSupply members, and to non-member participants of the Xactimate Program.

The Xactimate Program offers a significant discount to Xactimate’s market price, enhanced flexibility with no requirement for long-term contracts, and the ability to change license counts when needed. You will still be subject to the End User License agreement published by Xactware. You can receive your discount by joining the DKI centralized billing plan.

What sort of discount can I expect?

Please see the table below for the per-month price comparisons.

Price Comparison to Verisk Pricing Effective 2/24/2023

Product Verisk Market Price (3 mo. Commitment) DKI ProSupply Only Price Savings
Xactimate Standard License $228.33 $140.00 39%
Professional License $270.00 $195.00 28%
Contents Track $40.00 $35.00 13%

How will I pay?

DKI requires participants to pay the monthly license fees in the month prior to service. Payments must be made by pre-authorized electronic fund transfer or credit card. (Please note that paying by credit card will incur a 3.5% convenience fee.)

Why is DKI charging the monthly fees in advance?

DKI buys the Xactimate licenses and Professional upgrades in bulk at the beginning of each month.

I have current Xactimate licenses. What will be different if I sign up for DKI ProSupply’s Xactimate Program?

Through the Xactimate Program, your Xactimate usage and workflows will not change and your information remains private. DKI is provided no access to your Xactimate data at any time.

However, your base Xactimate licenses, Professional upgrades, and ContentsTrack usage (“Bulk License Offerings”) will be billed to and paid by DKI monthly. Any other non-Bulk License Offerings to which you may subscribe will remain your responsibility with Verisk directly.

This centralized billing arrangement will provide significant cost savings. You must be subscribed to DKI’s Xactimate Program to receive any of these benefits.

What version of Xactimate is covered?

All versions of Xactimate currently being supported by Verisk are covered.

What if I run multiple versions of Xactimate?

Your licenses will be included in the program, however any supplemental charges for multiple version use will still be billed by Verisk. Upgrading to Professional will avoid the extra charge.

Will I need to re-install Xactimate?

No, the only change is in the billing.

What is not included in this program?

This program is for your long-term Xactimate licenses, Professional upgrades, and your ContentsTrack subscription. Other products and services offered by Verisk will still be paid directly to them at standard rates. This includes, but is not limited to: XactAnalysis, XactContents, XactRemodel, multi-version fees, etc.

Terms and Conditions

  1. DKI will apply the fees for the Xactimate Program to the current payment method on file. If there is no method of payment on file, one must be provided before your Xactimate Program is activated.
  2. If your Xactimate payments to DKI are declined, then your Xactimate subscription could be suspended should you fail to either correct the default within five (5) business days or send written notice to DKI that you opt out of the corporate plan and will contact Verisk for direct billing.
  3. The fees charged for the Xactimate Program are subject to change with 30 days written notice.
  4. This plan is “at will” and may be canceled by DKI with 30 days written notice.
  5. This is a voluntary plan. You may opt out at any time with 30 days written notice.
  6. Should your participation with the DKI Franchise, Affiliate, DKI PROs, DKI ProSupply, or DKI ProSupply Xactimate Program be terminated for any reason whatsoever, it will be your responsibility to engage with Verisk to maintain your Xactimate subscription.
  7. Acceptance of this agreement acknowledges the acceptance of the Xactimate End User License Agreement.

Enter Account Number(s)
Leave blank if you don’t have a current Xactimate account
Enter Key Code(s)

Authorized Representative

Billing Address(Required)


Your signature below serves as your acknowledgement to the Terms and Conditions of the Xactimate Program and your understanding that DKI is in no way responsible for the service or reliability of Xactimate and that DKI’s sole responsibility is to maintain its Xactimate Program in good-standing and remit payments to Verisk within 30 days.

You authorize DKI to transfer the accounts and keycodes detailed above to the DKI Xactimate Program.

MM slash DD slash YYYY


For Xactimate License:
DKI is charged in advance for base Xactimate licenses and professional upgrades. As such, you are also charged in advance, usually around the 23rd day of the month.

Example: The invoice you receive on February 23rd includes March-based license fees.

Licenses are charged in whole month increments and there are no refunds or exchanges permitted. All invoices are due upon receipt. If you are set up on credit card or ACH payments, funds will be charged on the invoice date.

Adding a license:
To add a license please send an email to XACT@dkiservices.com detailing your request. If licenses are added prior to the 15th of the month, we will make the changes with Xactware by the end of the next business day and will send you an invoice for that month’s billing. On or near the 23rd of the month you will receive your normal invoice for next month’s licenses as part of your normal billing cycle.

Example: If you add a license on March 14th you will receive an invoice immediately for March charges and also receive an invoice around March 23rd for April charges.

If licenses are added past the 15th of the month, then you will be issued an invoice for the current month billing and the next month billing. You will be on our normal billing cycle by the end of the next month.

Example: If you add a license on March 16th you will receive an invoice for March charges and for April charges. Your next bill for that license would be around April 23rd for May charges.

Terminating a license:
To reduce the number of licenses on your recurring billing, we must receive an email notification to XACT@dkiservices.com by the 15th of the month for us to end the recurring billing by the next billing cycle. If we are notified after the 15th of the month, then you will be responsible for the invoice sent to you for the next billing period. There are no refunds, partial or otherwise, issued on the Xactware program as DKI would have already been charged for the license you are terminating.

Unlike Xactimate licenses, ContentsTrack is billed in arrears since the cost is based on the number of jobs rather than the number of licenses. The bill you receive in each month will be indicative of the charges incurred in the prior month. As a courtesy, DKI will send you a statement of jobs billed to you for ContentsTrack within 30 days of the billing period.

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