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Significant Savings on Restoration Estimating Software

Restoration professionals rely on Xactimate as a powerful, comprehensive, and flexible restoration estimating software tool, throughout all stages of the restoration process.

Through DKI ProSupply’s Xactimate Program, restoration contractors can take advantage of exclusive discounts on Xactimate licenses and other perks, including below-market pricing, enhanced flexibility, and superior customer service.

DKI ProSupply Xactimate Program Benefits

  • Significant contractor discounts on Xactimate licenses—as much as 38% monthly
  • Concierge services from DKI ProSupply: a single point of contact for all changes to your licenses
  • Once per month ACH billing, managed by DKI ProSupply
  • No long-term commitments

Save on Your Current Xactimate Subscriptions

Already have Xactimate licenses? You can still access discounts with the DKI ProSupply Xactimate Program! Just enter in your license and subscription information when you enroll, and experience significant savings with no interruption to your access.

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The discount offered through DKI’s Xactimate Program has always been a driver of significant savings to members of our programs. While often overlooked as a benefit, the vast majority of participants save thousands of dollars per year versus market price.

Sign up for DKI ProSupply’s Xactimate Program and start seeing the impact to your bottom line!

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DKI ProSupply members are eligible to receive the maximum discount on Xactimate restoration licenses, as well as exclusive contractor discounts from dozens of other top-tier vendors. Take advantage of the full suite of benefits and savings by joining DKI ProSupply today!

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